These general news items help highlight the real world applications and implications of the issues at the heart of INSRUM’s research. They are included here to provide useful information about lived experiences, legal norms and to further research development.

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Planning to get hitched? Couples may have marriage solemnised virtually soon, 27 April 2020 Read Here

COVID-19 Crisis: Government offers online marriage registration, 31 March 2020 Read Here

Weddings in the time of lock-down, 30 March 2020 Read Here

Religious affairs Minister says virtual wedding may be possibility, 29 March 2020 Read Here

Church of England is a ‘laughing stock’ following civil partnership guidelines, senior religious figures warn Bishops, 25 January 2020 Read Here

Saudi women are fighting to register children born in secret marriages, 2 December 2019 Read Here

Child marriage in Ghana, evidence from a multi-method study, 12 November 2019 Read Here

Alice Roberts: government should step up humanist wedding recognition, 16 June 2019 Read Here

What It’s Like To Be The First Woman In My Family To Choose An Interracial Marriage, 15 June Read Here

The debate over Quebec’s religious symbols bill nears its wretched end, 13 June 2019 Read Here

Forced displacement and child marriage: A growing challenge in MENA, 19 June 2019 Read Here

Optional civil marriage would serve Lebanon’s fragile democracy The Arab Daily News
6 March 2019
Read Here

Time’s up on child marriages in the US 
Psychology Today
5th March 2019
Read Here

Family objection, polygamy, reasons why Malaysians elope to Thailand 
The Sun Daily
3rd March 2019
Read Here

This is how many couple’s get divorced before their 10th anniversary in Africa
28th February 2019
Read Here

Why can’t England and Wales have Humanist weddings, as Scotland has?
The Guardian
17th September 2018
Read Here

Editorial: Update overdue for system that leaves children ‘unregistered’ The Asahi Shimbun
18 September 2018
Read Here

17-yr-old Alwar Bride Shuns Nikah to Pursue Studies.
23rd June 2018
Read Here

Official ‘Humiliates’ Indian Interfaith Couple, Sparking Outrage.
22nd June 2018
Read Here

Rabbinical Court Voided Marriage by Invalidating Witness.
The Jerusalem Post
21st June 2018
Read Here

Civil Marriage Looking for a Way to the Syrian Society.
Enab Baladi
20th June 2018
Read Here

The Rabbinate Will Keep Women in Israel Hostage Until We Boycott It.
15th June 2018
Read Here

Couples in Live-In Relations Cannot Adopt, says CARA.
The Hindu
14th June 2018
Read Here

Sudan Child Marriage: The 11-year-old Girl Divorcing her 38-year-old Husband.
June 2018
Read Here

Allah Allows Muslims to Take Four Wives, Chechen Leader Ramzan Kadyrov says.
New Indian Express
24th April 2018
Read Here

Indonesian Children Marry Despite Outcry
BBC News
24th April 2018
Read Here

Power of Negative Example: What Kind of Family do Teens Want Today?
24th April 2018
Read Here

Application for Recognition of Muslim Marriages not for Symbolic Outcome – Womens Legal Centre
19th April 2018
Read Here

Want To Enter Into A Muslim Marriage in SA? Here Are Your (Complicated) Options.
18th April 2018
Read Here

Law Commission to Stay Off Muslim Marriage Laws in UCC Draft
The Quint
30th March 2018
Read Here

For Syrian Refugees, Unlawful Marriages Lead to Statelessness in Lebanon
VOA News
25th March 2018
Read Here

Integration: Seeing the Bigger Picture
Law & Religion UK
21st March 2018
Read Here

Sharia Marriages Drastically Reduce Women’s Rights
The Times
19th March 2018
Read Here

Malaysian woman born to Muslim father, Buddhist mother goes to court to be recognised as non-Muslim
13th March 2018
Read Here

Cohabiting? Consider Signing A Legal Cohabitation Agreement
8th March 2018
Read Here

Why is South Africa yet to legalise Muslim Marriages?
Face2Face Africa
4th March 2018
Read Here

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux not Married at all?
20th February 2018
Read Here

Why are British Muslim Marriages Unprotected by Law?
24th December 2017
Read Here

Is Your Marriage Really Registered?
Stowe Family Law LLP
16th December 2017
Read Here

Does Channel 4’s Documentary Provide the Truth About Muslim Marriage?
Aero Magazine
7th December 2017
Read Here

Bereavement damages: Unmarried Chorley woman wins legal fight
BBC News
28th November 2017
Read Here

The truth about Britain’s ‘unmarried’ Muslim wives – and why it’s your problem, too
The Telegraph
21st November 2017
Read Here

Muslim brides are being left debt-stricken and HOMELESS after being abandoned by their husbands – because their Sharia ceremonies are not recognised under UK law
The Mail Online
20th November 2017
Read Here

No one talks about the fact that in sharia courts, British Muslim women have fewer rights than women in Islamic countries
The Independent
20th November 2017
Read Here

6 in 10 Muslim wives not legally married
The Times
19th November 2017
Read Here

Nikah: Principle and Policy
Dr Vishal Vora
Summer 2017
Read Here

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The Truth About Muslim Marriage
Channel 4
21st November 2017, 10pm
This documentary deals with subject matter at the heart of INSRUMs research and includes contributions from members of the network: Dr Rajnaara Akhtar, Dr Samia Bono, Prof. Rebecca Probert and Dr Vishal Vora.
Watch Here

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