On this page we aim to provide a record of relevant news stories that help highlight the real world applications and implications of the issues at the heart of INSRUM’s research.

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Why is South Africa yet to legalise Muslim Marriages?
Face2Face Africa
4th March 2018
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Why are British Muslim Marriages Unprotected by Law?
24th December 2017
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Is Your Marriage Really Registered?
Stowe Family Law LLP
16th December 2017
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Does Channel 4’s Documentary Provide the Truth About Muslim Marriage?
Aero Magazine
7th December 2017
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Bereavement damages: Unmarried Chorley woman wins legal fight
BBC News
28th November 2017
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The truth about Britain’s ‘unmarried’ Muslim wives – and why it’s your problem, too
The Telegraph
21st November 2017
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Muslim brides are being left debt-stricken and HOMELESS after being abandoned by their husbands – because their Sharia ceremonies are not recognised under UK law
The Mail Online
20th November 2017
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No one talks about the fact that in sharia courts, British Muslim women have fewer rights than women in Islamic countries
The Independent
20th November 2017
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6 in 10 Muslim wives not legally married
The Times
19th November 2017
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The Truth About Muslim Marriage
Channel 4
21st November 2017, 10pm
This documentary deals with subject matter at the heart of INSRUMs research and includes contributions from members of the network: Dr Rajnaara Akhtar, Dr Samia Bono, Prof. Rebecca Probert and Dr Vishal Vora.
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