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20th – 21st MARCH

Recently unregistered religious marriages have gone through a revival, proving also to be a useful vehicle for addressing mismatches between state legislation and the matrimonial strategies of couples. Thus the Mediterranean, a point of both intersection and mixing where ideas about the ‘West’ and its ‘other’, are re-produced and transformed, has witnessed how these transitions resulted in either a tense relationship between marriages regulated by formal, state laws and religious marriages celebrated according to informal, religious norms, or on the other end of the spectrum, civil marriages and (certain) religious marriages living harmoniously side-by-side and at times also being considered synonymous.

This multidisciplinary conference seeks to bring together researchers who have engaged in research on religious marriages in the Mediterranean. Papers may focus on, but are not limited to, one or more of the following themes:

  • Exploring the legal and social interaction between religious and civil marriages in the Mediterranean, whether contemporary or historical perspective (colonial and postcolonial).
  • Investigating the non-apparent connections between different religions within and without marriage legislation (Sunni, Shia, Catholic, Orthodox, Coptic, Jewish, Hindu…), including papers on mixed marriages.
  • How human/civil rights discourses blend and/or conflict with other forms of theological, moral and/or customary discourses on religious marriages.
  • Diverse ways of concluding and/or celebrating religious marriages in the Mediterranean.
  • Problematization and politicization of religious marriages in the Mediterranean.

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27th – 29th MARCH

INSRUM Panel – Marriage formalities
Family Law Stream – Session 3
Wednesday 28 March 2018
Marriage Formalities

Chair: Annika Newnham

  • Rebecca Probert and Stephanie Pywell, “Not religious in nature”: what registrars will permit in civil marriage ceremonies
  • Rajnaara Akhtar, Liminality: Unregistered Muslim Marriages as Signs of Integration
  • Vishal Vora, Meaningful marriage ceremonies, failures to comply with the formalities of the Marriage Act 1949, a case for reform
  • Sharon Thompson and Russell Sandberg, Feminist Relational Contract Theory (FRCT): A New Approach to the ‘Minorities within Minorities’ Debate

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16th – 18th April 2018

This is an interdisciplinary conference hosted at the University of Birmingham bringing together policy makers and practitioners as well as scholars in Law, Islamic/Religious Studies, Anthropology and Sociology. The conference has three main aims:

  • To demonstrate the complex nature of Muslim marriage practices and their constant evolution alongside political and sectarian tensions and cultural developments
  • To initiate international academic research on Muslim marriage practices among Europe’s new migrants
  • To enhance public and academic understanding of the issues and debates surrounding marriage practices through offering comparative insights into and discussions on various marriage forms and their legal, religious and social impact across various European countries.

For full details of the conference as well as information on the call for paper proposals please click here


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