Middlesex University


Dr Islam Uddin completed his PhD at the School of law, Middlesex University. His research is a socio-legal study of Muslim Family Law in the UK, which examines the practices of marriage and divorce among British Muslims. He has a Masters in Islamic Studies from Middlesex University, and his final year dissertation was an empirical research on ‘Muslim women in Britain: Challenges faced in education and work’.

He is an Imam and a lecturer at a private Islamic institute in London. He teaches classical and contemporary Islamic law. Previously he has presented papers discussing Muslim family law in relations to the traditional and modern understanding of religious texts, multiculturalism and universal human rights.

Relevant Publications:

  • Uddin, I ‘Muslim Family Law: British-Bangladeshi Muslim Women and Divorce in the UK’ PhD, Middlesex University
  • Uddin, I. ‘Muslim Family Law: How do Muslim Women Pursue Divorce in the UK?’ in P. Anderson and J. Hargreaves (eds) (2017), Muslims in the UK and Europe III, Centre of Islamic Studies: University of Cambridge.