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Farrah’s research spans public law, legal theory and family law. Her recent work on constitutional statutes, religious freedom, the doctrine of legitimate expectations, the duty to give reasons, social rights adjudication and religious tribunals has been published in the Cambridge Law Journal, the Modern Law Review, the Oxford Journal of Legal Studies, Public Law, and Child and Family Law Quarterly. Her book Religious Freedom under the Personal Law System was published by Oxford University Press in 2016. Farrah is currently a Chief Investigator on an Australian Research Council Discovery grant studying religious dispute resolution processes.

Religious Freedom under Personal Laws (OUP 2016)

Journal Articles
• ‘The Autonomy Rationale for Religious Freedom’ (2017) Modern Law Review 80 (2) 238–262
• ‘Remedying Personal Law Systems’ (2016) 30 International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family 248
• ‘Religious Tribunals, Religious Freedom and Concern for Vulnerable Women’ [2012] Child and Family Law Quarterly363 (with Jane Norton)
• ‘How Religious Arbitration Could Enhance Personal Autonomy’ (2012) 1 Oxford Journal of Law and Religion 424 (with Senwung Luk)
• ‘Personal Autonomy and the Option of Religious Law’ (2010) 24 International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family 222
• ‘The Value of Faith’ (2010) 38 Religion, State & Society 169
• ‘Religious Arbitration: The Ontario Debate’ Arbitration (August 2011); Runner-up, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies/Three Faiths Forum Essay Prize 2010 (with Senwung Luk)

Book Chapters
• ‘The Problem with Personal Law’ in Shazia Chaudhury and Jonathan Herring (eds), Cambridge Companion to Family Law (CUP, forthcoming)
• ‘Islamic Community Processes in Australia’ in Samia Bano and Jennifer Pierce (eds), ‘Mediation and Religious Arbitration in National Contexts’ (Dartmouth College Press, forthcoming)
• ‘Religious Norms in Family Law: Implications for Group and Personal Autonomy’ in John Eekelaar and Mavis Maclean (eds), Managing Family Justice in Diverse Societies (Hart, 2013)
• ‘Religion and Human Rights: Conflicts and Connections’ in Paul Hedges (ed), Controversies in Contemporary Religions, Volume 2: Public and Ethical Controversies (Praeger Publishers 2013) (with Nazila Ghanea)

Blog Posts
• ‘The Autonomy Rationale for Religious Freedom’ UK Constitutional Law Blog (5 April 2017)
• ‘Judicial Review of Shariah Councils’ UK Constitutional Law Blog (1 May 2015) (with Adam Perry)

Research Grants
• ARC Discovery Grant ‘The response of Australian family law to Islamic community processes’
• Interdisciplinary Seed Grant, Melbourne Social Equity Institute (2013–2014) ‘Imagining Muslim Women: Examining the Effects of Images in Women’s Human Rights Campaigns’

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